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Technical Theatre


​About Technical Theatre

The Technical Theatre Program provides rigorous academic instruction, hands‐on practical training, and experiential learning in several areas of technical theatre production. Through coursework as well as practical work on theatrical productions, students are trained in Stagecraft, State Lighting, Stage Sound, Scenic and Prop Construction, Stage Management, Stage Costuming, and Stage Make‐Up. Students will work with advanced technology and materials in the use of intelligent lighting systems, audio equipment, video projection equipment, stage machinery, set construction, scenic painting, and costume construction and design. Internship, mentorships, and entry level job opportunities in the industry are made available to candidates who meet and exceed expectations.

Degree and Certificate Requirements

Programs Offered

Associate in Arts Degree Option

  • Technical Theatre

Certificate of Achievement Option

  • Technical Theatre

Department Certificate Options

  • Scenic Design and Construction
  • ​Stage Lighting, Sound and Projection

Transfer Options and Opportunities

SMC students have many options and opportunities for transfer. Make your choice and see what you need to qualify.

Completion of major requirements does not satisfy all transfer admission requirements to UC, CSU, California Private, Out of State, or International institutions.

Please note: Not all schools offer this major.

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