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Course Assignments & Reflection Exercises


Applied and service learning can be an exciting and rewarding experience. However, to enhance your experience, it is important to keep track of your feelings and observations, good or bad. Reflection is the key ingredient for transforming what you have experienced into learning. Be willing to share your thoughts and experiences with others in discussions, as it may help you view new situations with a different perspective. Refrain from making or acting on any stereotypes. Challenge yourself to consider ideas that are unfamiliar and/or uncomfortable. Promote a respectful, open, and inclusive environment and always try to bring a positive attitude. Most importantly, make an effort to learn and be open to seeing things in a new way. Be an active listener and observer, by reflecting throughout your applied learning experience.

Types of Reflection Exercises

Throughout your course, you will be asked to reflect on your applied learning experience (before, during, and after) both in the classroom and in the community. Reflection assignments may happen in a variety of ways (in class group discussions, online discussions, journaling, papers, presentations, portfolios, role-playing, case studies, essays, etc.)