Student Support

Hosting Students


Once your organization has been matched with an SMC faculty and a project has been identified and agreed upon, the next step is to plan for the arrival of students at your organization.  The semester is short, so it is very important to plan ahead.  Students will only be at your organization for approximately 8 to 9 weeks total.  Therefore, our students will need reliable and specific information about their work schedule.  Furthermore, since our students may also be balancing other responsibilities and priorities such as family and/or work in addition to their academic course load, it would be most helpful if clear descriptions outlining duties and responsibilities be created and distributed prior to and/or on the first day of service.  Finally, our students would benefit greatly from your knowledge and guidance; therefore, it would be wonderful for them to receive regular feedback and be encouraged to communicate their ideas and perspectives as such they feel included as part of your team.

Getting Students Ready for Applied and Service Learning

The following checklist has been created to help Community Partners prepare for the arrival of SMC students at their organization.

  1. Review the minimum requirements and expectations for community partners

  2. Review student expectations

  3. Review applied learning project and instructor learning objectives

  4. Plan and schedule times to host an orientation for SMC students

  5. Anticipate students contacting your organization anytime between the 1st to the 3rd week of the semester. 

  6. Identify SMC students that are a good match for your organization

  7. Review and sign the Applied and Service Learning Student Application form for each student who will be at your organization 

  8. Anticipate students receiving clearance from the Applied and Service Learning Program to start their experience by the beginning of the 4th week of the semester 

  9. Anticipate students on site no later than the 5th week of the semester

  10. Host Applied and Service Learning Orientation for students

  11. Provide any training needed for students to complete the applied and service-learning project

  12. Supervise students

  13. Support the reflection process

  14. Communicate any concerns to the SMC faculty, student, and/or Applied and Service Learning Program

  15. Create closure with SMC students and the Applied and Service Learning Program