Student Support

Tracking Your Hours


As mentioned previously, you are required to complete and submit the Student Time Log. The Time Log is used to assist you in tracking and providing confirmation of hours completed at your assigned community partner. It is your responsibility to record, monitor and complete the minimum number of required hours. Time logs must be received by the Applied and Service Learning Program (Located in the Career Services Center) by the deadline listed on your course syllabus. Prior to submitting your Time Log to the Applied and Service Learning Program, please make a copy for your records.

Please note Time Logs require your signature as well as the signature of your community partner supervisor. We recommend that you record your hours each time you report to your community partner site. If submitting hours for the same course on more than one Time Log, you must complete and sign each form. If you are providing assistance at more than one community partner, please complete one form per agency. All minutes should be rounded to the nearest ½ hour and reported as 0.5 only.

Types of Duties and Responsibilities That Don’t Count Toward Your 20 Hour Requirement

When completing your Time Log, you will be required to list specific duties/responsibilities. In order to receive credit for any hours provided, the work must be meaningful college-level work. The following types of duties/responsibilities will not count toward your 20 hour requirement

  • Continuously assigned administrative/clerical duties such as providing general phone coverage and filing (These tasks should only be assigned in moderation for the purpose of familiarizing you with an organization unless previously approved by the Applied and Service Learning Program)

  • Assistance conducted for religious practice such as religious education, worship, or evangelizing

  • Community service hours whether required by another campus organization/club or court ordered

  • Involvement through a partisan political organization and/or any type of organization where work performed would be considered partisan

  • Assignments that include assisting, promoting, or deterring union organizing and/or impairing existing contracts for services or collective bargaining agreements