Student Support

How Do I Request Services?


To request services, a SMC student shall

1.    Complete a DSPS application

2.    Meet with a DSPS counselor to plan classes, to discuss the student's disability related needs, and if 

       appropriate, refer the student to a Learning Disability (LD) specialist, High Tech Training (HTTC) specialist 

       or Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) faculty member.

3.    Provide verification of disability.

4.    Enroll in classes

5.    Complete and sign the Student Educational Contract/Educational Plan

6.    Review and sign the Student Rights and Responsibilities 

7.    Consult with instructor(s) to discuss appropriate accommodations, if necessary.

An instructor may refer a student to the DSPS office to request services and accommodations since they may not be qualified to evaluate the student's disability related needs.