Disability Resources

Faculty and Staff Directory


Contact Information

Name Title Phone Email
Nathalie Laille Faculty Coordinator 310-434-4299 laille_nathalie@smc.edu
Denise Henninger DHH Supervisor 310-434-4497 henninger_denise@smc.edu

DSPS Specialists

Name Title Phone Email
Carla Alvarado FT DSPS Specialist 310-434-4265 alvarado_carla@smc.edu
Kennisha Green FT DSPS Specialist 310-434-4265 green_kennisha@smc.edu

DSPS Assistants

Name Title Phone Email
Nahalia Samuels DSPS Assistant 310-434-4265 samuels_nahalia@smc.edu
Angela Thomas DSPS Assistant 310-434-4265 thomas_angela@smc.edu
Dahlia Valle DSPS Assistant 310-434-4265 valle_dhalia@smc.edu
Brian Van Norton DSPS Assistant 310-434-4265 vannorton_brian@smc.edu
Amber Wade DSPS Assistant 310-434-4265 wade_amber@smc.edu
Fernanda Guido DSPS Assistant 310-434-4265 guido_fernanda@smc.edu

Academic and Vocational Counseling

Name Title Phone Email
Rebecca Cabral Adjunct Counselor 310-434-8355 cabral_rebecca@smc.edu
Alyson Gould Adjunct Counselor 310-434-8354 gould_alyson@smc.edu
Annie Ishihara FT Counselor 310-434-8827 ishihara_annie@smc.edu
Pin Lor FT Counselor 310-434-8112 lor_pinsopearui@smc.edu
Leticia Montoya FT Counselor 310-434-8776 montoya_ leticia@smc.edu

Learning Disabilities Program (located in MC75)

Name Title Phone Email
Lee Axelrod Adjunct LD Specialist 310-434-4684 axelrod_lee01@smc.edu
Jennifer Benavides LD Instructional Assistant 310-434-4684 benavides_jennifer@smc.edu
Christine Go Tutoring Coordinator 310-434-4684 go_christine@smc.edu
George Marcopulos FT LD Specialist 310-434-3975 marcopulos_george@smc.edu
Lorin Russell LD Instructional Assistant 310-434-4684 russell_lorin@smc.edu
Sharon Teruya FT LD Specialist 310-434-4659 teruya_sharon@smc.edu
Hadar Feingold Adjunct LD Specialist 310-434-4742 feingold_hadar@smc.edu
Fax   310-434-3694  

Personal Counseling

Name Title Phone Email
Shelley Pearce Adjunct Counselor 310-434-4265 pearce_michelle@smc.edu

High Tech Training Center - Adapted Computer Technology

Name Title Phone Email
Lisa Courto Adjunct Faculty 310-434-4267 courto_lisa@smc.edu
Julia Gothold PT Faculty 310-434-4267 gothold_julia@smc.edu
Elena Throckmorton Adjunct Faculty 310-434-4267 throckmorton_elena@smc.edu

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services

Name Title Phone Email
Denise Henninger Supervisor 310-434-4497 henninger_denise@smc.edu
Dena Schechter Sign Language Interpreter 310-434-4497 schechter_dena@smc.edu
Kathleen Solis Sign Language Interpreter 310-434-4497 solis_kathleen@smc.edu
Nani Vigil Sign Language Interpreter 310-434-4497 vigil_nani@smc.edu

Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) Program / Pathfinders 

Name Title Phone Email
Jeanne Adams Adjunct ABI Specialist 310-434-4948 adams_jeanne@smc.edu
Stephanie Lewis FT ABI Specialist 310-434-4442 lewis_stephanie@smc.edu
Jami Evans Adjunct ABI Specialist 310-434-4265 evans_jami@smc.edu
Erika Deuel Adjunct ABI Specialist 310-434-4265 deuel_erika@smc.edu

Alternate Media Specialist

Name Title Phone Email
Aaron French Alternate Media Specialist 310-434-8934 french_aaron@smc.edu

ADA/504 Compliance Officer

Name Title Phone Email
Eric Oifer, Ph.D. ADA/504 Compliance Officer 310-434-8912 oifer_eric@smc.edu