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Intellectual Disability


Couns 912 Basic Living Skills

This Course is designed for students with intellectual disabilities.
The curriculum includes development of basic skills in the areas of meal planning
and preparation, shopping, money management, social behavior, leisure and
pre-vocational skills.

Charles and Jennifer with certificate 

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What I like most about the class is cooking. Pizza Bagels were my favorite. When we go shopping I really like getting the ingredients for the food we will cook. My favorite field trip has been to the West Side Pavillion. When we are in class I enjoy talking about my week-end. One of the hardest thing for me to do in class is counting money.




I really like cooking. My favorite food is burritos. When we are at the supermarket I like shopping for the food we are going to make. My favorite field trip is the Westside Pavillion. I like reading plays when we are in the classroom. Practicing counting money is the most difficult thing we do in the classroom.




Cooking is my favorite thing we do in the class. My favorite thing that we cook is hamburgers and french fries. When we go to the supermarket I enjoy doing some of the assigments. I had to look for my favorite DVD and I really liked that. My favorite field trip was to Kentucky Fried Chicken. I like when we play games (Money Bingo, Price is Right) when we are in the classroom. One of the hardest things to do in the classroom is pay attention.




Debbie's favorite part of the class is getting to know everyone.  Her favorite outing was to the Chinese Restaurant just across the street from the campus.  She liked her rice bowl with orange chicken.  When the class goes to the supermarket Debbie likes to look at the cosmetics and hair products.  The favorite food we have made is Pizza Bagel.




Katherine's favorite part of the class is cooking.  She really enjoyed making and eating burritos and hot dogs.  Her favorite outing was to  Slice Pizza where she ordered a pepperoni piece of pizza.  When Katherine goes shopping she really enjoys picking out the food the class is going to cook.