Student Support

Counseling Services


Center for Students with Disabilities Counseling Services

CSD counselors provide the following services:

  • Academic counseling (eg, help select classes and/or major)

  • Determine and authorize appropriate accommodations for all classes

  • Assist with disability related issues between the student and the instructor or staff

  • Personal counseling

  • Teach CSD counseling classes

  • Serve as liaison with off campus community and agencies

  • Conduct campus tours for high schools

CSD Counseling Courses

Counseling 12H: Career Planning

Counseling 13H: Personal and Social Awareness

Counseling 15H: Job Search Techniques

CSD Counselor Contact Information

Office: Student Services Center - Center for Students with Disabilities, 1st floor
Voice: 310-434-4265
Fax: 310-434-4272