Student Support

Team Members


The SMC Care & Prevention Team is composed of various members of the SMC campus community whose role(s) and areas of expertise are key to effectively responding to a range of crisis situations and/or incidents of concern.

Team members

Brenda Benson, Senior Administrative Dean, Counseling, Retention, and Student wellness Ext 4433

Jason Beardsley, Interim Dean of Instruction Ext 8054

Lina Ladyzhenskaya, Director of Student Judicial Affairs Ext 4655

Denise Kinsella, Associate Dean of International Education Ext 3466

Johnnie Adams, Chief of Police Ext 4302

Vincent Carter, Police Captain Ext 8135



Laurie Guglielmo, Chair Counseling Department Ext 4133

Alison Brown, Coordinator for The Center for Wellness and Wellbeing Ext 4438

Juliana Carranza, Case Management Coordinator Ext 4192

Nathalie Laille, Coordinator of Center for Students with Disabilities Ext 4299

Susan Fila, Director of Health and Wellbeing Ext 4746

Yvonne Ortega, Campus Ombudsperson Ext 8740

Lisa Winter, Compliance Administrator Title IX Coordinator Ext 4225


Robert Myers, Campus Counsel