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Buenos Aires, Argentina


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Explore the Magic of Buenos Aires, Argentina

April 5 – 15, 2018

Join professors Brandon Lewis and Lourdes Arévalo for a nine-day excursion that will immerse students in the rich past and dynamic present of Argentina's vibrant capital, Buenos Aires. As part of our commitment to Global Citizenship and Latin America, this program will examine the rich history of Argentina from Colonial times to the present.

In an effort to understand the unique history of this Latin American capital, this educational experience includes a walking tour of the famous historic neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, which highlights the spectacular 19th-century Spanish/European architecture, as well as a guided visit to a world-class museum. While being immersed within this Spanish-speaking country, you will come to understand, first-hand, why Argentines consider their native dialect and language a symbol of national pride."

This trip is an opportunity to experience the many cultural traditions that make Argentina so remarkable. You will attend a Tango/Milonga performance, the world's most beautiful dance, visit a "gaucho" ranch and examine the lifeways of the Argentine cowboy, and partake in the culinary delight known as a "parrillada." In addition, you will attend an Argentine futbol game: an experience without parallel.