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Copenhagen & Denmark


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“Vikings, Socialism, and Sustainability: Copenhagen Past and Present”

Spring Break 2017 (April 8 – 16, 2017)

Join history professors Christopher Stiles and Heather Bennett for a one-week field study that will immerse students in the rich past and dynamic present of Denmark’s vibrant capital city.

The trip will start with an exploration of Viking-Age Scandinavia to compare the Vikings’ portrayal in popular culture with artifacts at Denmark’s Viking Ship Museum. Get a close-up look at five well preserved 11th-century Viking ships.

Learn about royal castles, Denmark’s Parliament, and housing for rural and urban 19th-century workers. And take a look at how Denmark’s social democratic movement has impacted the country.

The current city of Copenhagen is known as a leader in urban sustainability, and is on track to become the world’s first carbon-neutral capital city by 2025. Citizens bike, take public transportation everywhere, and the once-polluted harbors now host open-air swimming facilities.