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Welcome to Student Success Teams!

We strive to ensure that first year students thrive and succeed academically, personally, and socially. That's why we have established a robust support system in the form of our Student Success Teams. Comprised of caring counselors, dedicated instructors, supportive staff, and friendly peer navigators, our Student Success Teams work collaboratively to create a nurturing environment that addresses the individual needs and challenges of our students, fostering their well-being and ultimate success.

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In-Person and Virtual

Monday to Thursday:
8 a.m. - 5 p.m. PT

8 a.m. - 2 p.m. PT

Campus holidays & closures



Faculty/Staff: visit our Form to recommend students for Peer Mentoring. 



Meet the Team

Meet our awesome Student Success Team, here to help you excel academically, grow personally, and navigate college life with confidence!

Peer Navigators

Our incredible Peer Navigators are here to ensure you feel welcomed and connected to the SMC campus community, supporting you through mentoring, communication, workshops, and fun events that enrich your college experience and help you thrive both academically and personally.


Our dedicated counselors are here to assist you in creating a personalized educational plan and provide academic guidance, ensuring you have the support you need to make informed decisions and excel in your college journey.

Instructional Faculty

Our instructional faculty are dedicated to helping college students connect with their Area of Interest and academic major while providing valuable guidance on how to succeed inside and outside of the classroom.

Career Services Team

Our dedicated career services team are here to support college students in exploring major options and uncovering a world of career possibilities, providing guidance and resources to help you make informed decisions and embark on a successful professional journey.

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What Students Are Saying

Student Quote
"Counseling 12 is a great class to take during the first year in college to get reassurance that the career/major options they are considering are aligned with the career assessment results."
Alumni Testimonial
"I've studied at other colleges even Berkeley and found SMC's career counseling services have been the best by far."
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Events and Workshops

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