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Your Presence Matters!

A Future Alum is a student currently enrolled at Santa Monica College who has committed to complete what they set out to accomplish at SMC. Are you a Future Alum!?

When students identify themselves as Future Alumni, they own the identity of someone who has made that commitment. They have closed their eyes and imagined themselves already succeeding. Why does that matter? Because envisioning your success at the beginning of a journey, and seeing yourself walk across that finish line supports your ability to persist. If you know you will complete what you are doing, then when you encounter an obstacle you wont be asking "if" you're going to continue, you'll be asking yourself 'how" you're going to continue! And SMC has the the support and resources to help you answer that question every step of the way!

When faculty and staff identify students as Future Alumni, they demonstrate their expectation and belief that students will successfully complete their educational goals at SMC. This comes with the accountability to recognize it is incumbent upon us to meet our students where they are in order to effectively support them on their educational journey to get where they are going! The Future Alumni Initiative is a shared mindset that embraces this vision, accountability, and community.  This is grounded in the core values: Equity, Inclusion and Social Justice. #ProudtobeSMC

Student Ambassadors champion the Future Alumni Initiative through their leadership and commitment to student and college success. They are actively engaged in our Outreach and Onboarding initiatives; they foster a culture of peer-to-peer support, present to prospective students at local schools in California, across the country, non-traditional students returning to College, and those attending for the very first time. They connect students to people and resources at SMC to support their success. You can connect with an Ambassador through LiveChat at the Welcome Center, Ask an Ambassador on the Future Alumni Network, or join them at the Welcome Center Cafe on Zoom, Monday through Friday at 3 p.m. 

Meet the Ambassadors to learn more about who they are and visit the Ambassador Program page to learn more about the Student Ambassador opportunities that are available for you. Our Santa Monica College Future Alumni reach across the country and around the globe. #smceverywhere #yourpresencematters #smcfuturealum