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Scholarship Ceremony

SMC Foundation Scholarships

The SMC Foundation currently has five scholarships aimed specifically at English majors.  Each scholarship is awarded to multiple students.  All students who are currently majoring in English at SMC are encouraged to apply if they meet the minimum requirements.  Applications are typically due in December each year.  For more information, including exact deadlines and application forms, please visit SMC Admission & Aid Scholarships

English 1 Prize Essay Contest

In order to honor excellence in writing created in our English 1 program, the English Department holds an annual essay contest which awards first, second, and third place prizes for thoughtfully crafted argumentative research essays that explore the complexity of the student's chosen topic. Below you will find an explanation of the process, and the criteria used to determine the prize-winning essays. See the links for submission instructions, plus FAQ for faculty and students. The process for submitting your students' essays has been streamlined and simplified, but if you have any questions not addressed here, please contact Diane Arieff at arieff_diane@smc.edu.

English Clubs

Get involved with some of the many clubs that are tied to SMC's English Department! Whether as a writer or a reader, you can find a literary community here at SMC that best serves or inspires you.