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Department Chair Dr. Christine Schultz

About the Philosophy and Social Sciences Programs

The Philosophy and Social Science Department includes courses that focus on the scientific study of human thought and behavior, interpersonal relationships, and the institutional structure and functioning of human society.

The Department hopes to produce liberally educated students who not only think critically but also consider the ethical implications of their decisions. The department is distinctive in its interdisciplinary approach to understanding, analyzing and critiquing the historical, social, political, economic, and cultural conditions of women and people of color in our local community, California, the U.S. and globally.

The department is committed to race/ethnic, class and gender-equitable learning, teaching and community engagement.

Many of our courses rely on Service Learning, which is a teaching and learning strategy through which students apply their academic skills and knowledge to address real-life needs in their own communities. Service Learning provides a compelling reason to learn and teaches the skills of civic participation and develops an ethic of service and civic responsibility.

Programs of Study


Studies how society governs the production and distribution of goods and services, decision making by members of the economy, and relevant contemporary economic issues.

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Confront questions and problems both theoretical and practical about ourselves and our relation to the world.

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Political Science

Think and write critically about the acquisition, institutionalization, and application of power by governmental and non-governmental authorities. 

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Public Policy

Develop the resources necessary for successful participation in civic life, including critical evaluation of policy options, policy development and effective implementation strategies, and the opportunity to work directly with governmental and non-governmental leaders in their organizations and agencies.

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Explore the study of social life and social change and provide a lens into the complexity of the causes and consequences of human behavior.

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Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Gain the opportunity to understand how social, historical, and psychological forces, organized by the central concept of gender, shape us as individuals.

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Additional Programs

Applied Learning

Through reflective exercises, applied learning supplements the learning that occurs in classroom settings as well as challenges students to put into action the knowledge and skills they are developing through their coursework at non-profits, private businesses and organizations, government agencies, and educational institutions.

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Dale Ride Internship

In memory of Dale Ride, the Santa Monica College Foundation has since sent more than 120 of SMC's best students to our nation's capital. A few highly successful, bright and energetic SMC students will travel to DC for an eight-week experience.

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Internship Program

Gain valuable experience in your chosen career field and connect the classroom with your on-the-job work experience.

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Law Pathway Program

Come foster the skills needed to excel in a legal career. The Law Pathway program is designed to help SMC's traditionally underrepresented students that are interested in a legal career in becoming competitive applicants to law school.

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Sociology Coaching Program

Improve your understanding of Sociology through tutoring by a “Sociology Coach.” Attend sessions 3-4 times a week to learn more about course material and improve your overall grade.

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