Physics 14: Conceptual Physics


Laboratory (Number and Name) Instructor (if necessary)
P1. Powers of Ten (Penny Lab) Morse
P2. Measurement Morse
P3. Acceleration and Frictional Forces Morse
P4. Forces in Collisions Morse
P5. Projectile Motion Morse
P6. Energy Morse
P7. Heat and Water Morse
P8. Specific Heats of Metals Morse
P9. Simple Harmonic Motion & Oscillations Morse
P10. Sound Morse
P11. Introductory optics Morse
P12. Particle Adventure Morse
J1. Measurement Morris
J2. Addition of Vectors Morris
J3. Projectiles Morris
J4. Forces and Friction Morris
J5. Momentum and Energy Morris
J6. Latent Heat Morris
J7. Oscillations Morris
J8. Waves Morris