Fall 2023 Class Schedule

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Degrees, Certificates, and Transfer Preparation

SMC offers Associate degrees, a specialized Bachelor degree, certificates of achievement, department certificates, and rigorous preparation for transfer in a wide selection of areas of interest. See the “Academic and Career Paths” section of the SMC catalog for complete details.

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Important: All enrollment transactions take place online via Corsair Connect. You may enroll in any class with space available until the evening before the second class meeting if the class is less than 90% full. Beginning the day of the second class meeting, you must have an Instructor Authorization Code for each class you wish to enroll in, even if the class has space available. Exceptions: (1) The enrollment deadline for online, hybrid, or Arranged Hours classes is the Sunday evening prior to the week the course begins; (2) for classes meeting once per week and courses with a lab, you may enroll until 10 p.m. the night before the first class meeting. If the class is full, you will need an Instructor Authorization Code.

Please Note: If a class is closed and the term has not started, please keep trying, as the class will re-open if space becomes available. Join the open seat class notification list or the wait list (see relevant sections below). More information about the enrollment process.


All fees are specific for Fees 2023. See smc.edu/fees for the most current information.

If you qualify for the SMC Promise Program, you are exempt from paying enrollment, Student Benefits, Health Services, Student Representation, and A.S. Resource fees. See smc.edu/freetuition for details.

If you are taking only noncredit courses (designated by section numbers of 7000 or above), you are not required to pay the Health Services fee, Student Benefits fee, or A.S. Resource fee. However, you are required to pay the Student Representation fee, or you may opt out of it through Corsair Connect (go to smc.edu/cc, click on “Enrollment,” select the relevant term/semester, then click on “Fee Assessment”). 

Please Note: You may be eligible for financial aid. Work Study funds and the California College Promise Grant (CCPG) are available for the fall semester. To find out, call the Financial Aid Office at 310-434-4343 as soon as possible.

Payment Policy

Financial Assistance

Santa Monica College provides a variety of resources to assist and encourage students who need financial assistance.

Special Programs and Support Services

Santa Monica College offers many special programs and support services to assist you in reaching your education goals.

Other SMC Programs

In addition to its academic and transfer preparation programs, Santa Monica College offers the community a variety of other programs and services that support career preparation and lifelong learning.