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English/ESL/Math Initial Placement

Completing the intial Placement for English. ESL, and Math is easy--you do it through Corsair Conneect:

  • Login to Corsair Connect(opens in new window)
  • Click on the "Placement" badge under the "Success Steps" card
  • If you are not showing a placement at this time, please follow the steps to complete the placement process
  • You will only be able to complete this process once; please make sure to answer the questions to the best of your ability

Chemistry Challenge Exam

Schedule a Chem Challege Exam

The Chemistry Challenge Exam is only required of students wishing to enroll directly in Chemistry 11 (General Chemistry 1) who want to bypass Chemistry 10 (Introductory General Chemistry), or who otherwise do not have evidence of prerequisite completion. All other students are not required to take the test.



Math Placement Challenge


English Challenge



ESL Challenge


Math Proficiency