Registration and Enrollment


Steps to Enroll in a Noncredit Class or Program

  1. Fill out the application: SMC Noncredit Application
  2. Send the completed application to, with the class you are interested in as the subject line.
    • Continuing SMC students interested in Noncredit Career Education can also register via Corsair Connect.
  3. Complete the online Orientation: Noncredit Online Orientation
  4. Meet with a counselor by phone or zoom to discuss your Student Education Plan (required  for  ESL enrollment).
    • Book your appointment
    • Select the time and day you would like to make an appointment
    • Fill out your contact information and click "confirm booking"
    • The noncredit office will enroll you into your appropriate class(es).

Please note: You must submit proof of COVID-19 vaccination if you are attending on-ground classes or accessing campus services in-person. 

  • If you are enrolled only in online classes and will not visit campus, you do not need to submit proof at this time.
  • To submit proof, request exceptions, or learn more about the vaccine program, visit:
  • If you need assistance submitting your vaccination proof, please contact our Noncredit Registration Office for assistance (310)434-3399


Location & Contact

In person registration assistance is available by appointment.

SMC Bundy Campus
Noncredit Initiatives
3171 Bundy Drive, Room 112
Los Angeles, CA 90066


For trouble accessing your SMC canvas account, please contact:

LIVE TECH HELP Starting Winter 2022

Mon - Thurs 9am – 2pm, from January 4th to February 10th

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