Noncredit ESL Courses


Fall 2020 Schedule of Noncredit ESL Courses:  

Noncredit ESL Courses

Courses Offered by Level

Citizenship Class

Preparation for Citizenship

​Click here for​​​ Noncredit Course Descriptions (you will be redirected to the ESL Department)​

​​Steps to Enroll in Noncredit ESL Classes

You can register anytime in the semester as long as the class is open (open entry/open exit)

  1. Fill out the application: SMC Noncredit Application 
  2. Send the completed application to
  3. The noncredit registration office will send you your student ID number (which you will need for step 4 below)
  4. Complete the online orientation: Noncredit Program Orientation
  5. Meet with a counselor by phone or zoom to discuss your Student Education Plan.
  • To book an appointment visit:
  • Select the time and day you want to make an appointment 
  • Fill out your contact information and click "confirm booking"

     6.  The noncredit office will enroll you into the appropriate class(es).