Noncredit ESL Courses


Noncredit ESL Schedules:

Spring ESL 2024

Summer ESL 2024

Fall ESL 2024


*F1 Student Visa holders are not eligible for Noncredit courses

Noncredit ESL Courses and Certificates of Competency

All courses can be taken individually or to earn a Certificate

Students are encouraged to join our ESL classes at any time in the semester, and they can expect to make satisfactory progress toward their English language learning goals no matter when they join. 

Students seeking a Certificate of Competency in ESL should be advised that they may not be able to complete all the requirements needed to pass if they join after the midpoint of a course. Students who wish to earn a certificate are encouraged to speak with their instructor (s) about the requirements to earn a passing mark in the course.

ESL Pathways

Applying for your Certificate?

  1. Complete the steps here: Certificate Instructions
  2. Wait for an email with the following:
    1. Evaluator assigned
    2. Certificate status
    3. Certificate granted
    4. Letter from Admissions and Records
  3. Your printed certificate will be mailed to the address on file
    1. Wait time is usually 12 weeks after the end of the semester

Petitioning for Certificate Video Instructions

Citizenship Class

Preparation for Citizenship

Steps to Enroll in Noncredit ESL Classes

You can register anytime in the semester as long as the class is open (open entry/open exit)

  1. Fill out the application: SMC Noncredit Application 
  2. Send the completed application to, with "Noncredit ESL" as the subject line.
  3. The noncredit registration office will send you your student ID number (which you will need for step 4 below)
  4. Complete the online orientation: Noncredit Program Orientation
  5. Meet with a counselor to discuss your Student Education Plan (required  for  ESL enrollment).
  6. The noncredit office will enroll you into the appropriate class(es).