Noncredit Career Education


Noncredit Career Education Certificates

All noncredit certificate programs are short term and designed to be completed in one semester. Students may take individual classes, however all the program's classes must be taken to be awarded the certificate of completion. 

Schedule of 2021 Classes:

CTE Fall 2021 Schedule

*F1 Student Visa holders are not eligible for noncredit courses

Noncredit Pathways

Noncredit Career Education Certificate Offerings


Computer Science and Information Systems


Health and Wellness


Transition to Credit & Career 

Enroll Today!

New Students: New students only enrolling interested in Noncredit courses, please fill out theSMC Noncredit Application and email the completed application to

Current SMC Students: Students enrolled in both credit and noncredit courses may enroll in Noncredit Vocational Certificate courses/programs by emailing or by registering on Corsair Connect. 

Students who complete all the necessary courses to earn a Noncredit Certificate will be connected to JVS West Los angeles Worksource  center and are eligible to participate in the SMC Graduation Ceremony. 

Applying for your Certificate?

  1. Log in and complete the Petition for Certificate (SMC Log In needed)
  2. Wait for an email with the following:
    1. Evaluator assigned
    2. Certificate status
    3. Certificate granted
    4. Letter from Admissions and Records
  3. Your printed certificate will be mailed to the address on file
    1. Wait time is usually 12 weeks after the end of the semester