Workforce & Economic Development

Economic Development Programs


Santa Monica College (SMC) is committed to maintaining and building new public-private sector partnerships to address pressing economic development needs. By fostering increased collaboration between the private development sector, local and state governments and national and community-based not-for-profit organizations, Santa Monica College continually strives to expand its outreach to communities and clients that may be unfamiliar with the financial and technical assistance that is available to help local communities realize their vision and goals for the new economy.

Santa Monica College seeks to encourage and support comprehensive approaches to community and economic development that emphasize local initiatives, private sector opportunities, and self-sufficiency. The College's core economic development programs are designed to serve as a catalyst in spurring new private sector investment and job creation in communities struggling to secure the benefits of the new economy. Our programs support sustainable economic development strategies that leverage investments from other public and private sources in order to ensure the long-term viability of local economic development efforts.

For more information about our Economic Development programs, please contact us at or 310) 434-4199.