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Welcome to Career Coach! Congratulations, you're about to access a valuable online search tool that will allow you to explore hundreds of potential careers at your fingertips.

Just enter a keyword of whatever career suits your interest and quickly learn about employment prospects in the field, job opportunities, income potential, related degrees, and the education and training available at Santa Monica College. Get started today on your road to a new future and give it a try.

Career Coach is unique to our geographic area. You won’t find it anywhere else in the region. We offer it as a service to our students, future students and members of our community. We invite you to visit the site and tell your friends about Career Coach.

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Using Career Coach

When you arrive at the Career Coach website, there is a brief tutorial video provided that will guide you through making the most out of the tool. Here are a few more tips to get you started:

  1. Enter a job title or degree in the search box:

    Screen shot of Career Coach homepage 

  2. Career Coach will show you a list of search results that includes what the current hourly wage is for each job, how many people are currently employed in that field, other jobs that are similarly titled, and a brief description of the job duties.

    You can also filter the results in a number of different ways on the left-hand side of the page (by relevance, alphabetically, by wage, by number employed, and by educational level required):

    Career Coach search results screen shot 

  3. Click on a specific job title, and Career Coach displays a table that shows the entry, median, and upper level wages for this particular career. To the left of the screen, you will find current, real-time job postings for this career provided by Career Coach also displays a brief employment analysis of the selected job, including how many are employed in the geographical area, the estimated number of annual job openings in this career, and breakdown of worker demographics by age:

    Screen shot of job detail page 

  4. As you scroll down the screen, Career Coach shows you all of the related credit and non-credit programs offered by SMC that can train you for this career. Here you will find a description of the academic program along with the related careers for which this program can train you:

    Screen shot of list of related degrees 

    When you click on any of these program links, you'll be taken directly to the website for that particular program.

  5. Career Coach also gives you the ability to create your own account, allowing you to bookmark specific jobs, degrees, or Workforce Development courses.

  6. Build a resume: users can also create their own resume with Career Coach's easy, step-by-step Resume Builder:
    (Note: If you are an SMC student, bring a copy of your Career Coach resume to a Counselor in the Career Services Center for further assistance).

    Resume Builder screen shot