Facility Rentals

Performing Arts Center Rules and Procedures


Performing Arts Center Guidelines

Requirements for Use of Performing Arts Center Facilities:

  1. Approval of Production and Technical Requirements and layouts for Lobby/Gallery/Exterior set ups.
  2. Execution of the Facility User Agreement.
  3. Payment of all fees and refundable deposit prior to move in.
  4. Certificate of General Liability Insurance in the amount of $2 million naming Santa Monica College as additional insured.

General Rules for Users

The PAC shall not be occupied by anybody without a PAC staff member present. All fire codes/safety regulations must be observed. The Production Manager of the PAC has the final word in all issues regarding safety. Do not plug in anything without obtaining permission first. No guests invited on stage or backstage. It is a workspace for authorized persons essential to the operation of the show. No animals (pets) are allowed in the building. For rules pertaining to caterers and alcohol service, please see also our House Rules for Caterers.

Insurance Requirements

All event producers must furnish, for the duration of the event and at their own expense, a certificate of general liability insurance in the amount of $2 million ($2,000,000) for the Broad Stage. $1 million ($1,000,000) will be accepted for the Edye. The Certificate must state: "The Santa Monica Community College District, its Board of Trustees, officers, agents, employees and volunteers are named as additional insured for the activities of the named insured on the premises." The Certificate must be received prior to move in. Neither Madison Project, its Board of Directors and staff, nor the Santa Monica Community College District assume any liability for claims by facility users or their personnel (hired, contracted, or volunteer) under state or federal Worker’s Compensation or Unemployment Insurance laws. User is required to maintain Worker’s Compensation Insurance coverage as required by law for all paid and/or volunteer staff. District retains the right to modify any and all insurance requirements based on evaluation of risk. 


Productions may not be promoted until a Facility Use Agreement has been signed and accepted by SMC and a deposit received. All advertising, marketing and promotional materials must include the following language: The content of this production/event is not affiliated with nor endorsed by Santa Monica College. Marketing materials must be approved by SMC in writing before publication.

Box Office Services

The Rental Program does not provide box office services.


Crew schedules for load in and load out must be arranged with the Production Manager and/or Technical Director at least fourteen (14) days prior to move in. If schedules are not timely received, the Production Manager will estimate crew requirements and schedule accordingly. User is responsible for providing design staff (lighting, sound, sets, etc.) and a Technical Production Coordinator. The PAC Production Manager will estimate the timeline for deliverables (e.g. set, sound and lighting plots), to ensure adequate technical staffing. User is responsible for obtaining plots from designers and providing a technical schedule.


All equipment owned by the Performing Arts Center (PAC) will be handled and operated only by PAC employees. User may rent additional sound and lighting equipment at User’s expense up approval by the Production Manager, who will determine if such equipment is compatible with house systems. House technical personnel must install any equipment brought in to augment House inventory. PAC staff assumes no responsibility for reliability of any equipment that a production supplies and uses with their show.

Staging – Sets & Scenic – Atmospherics – Property Decorations

The Production Manager and/or Technical Director must approve, in advance, in writing, and before installation, all staging elements brought into the Broad Stage or Edye. Nothing including sets, signs or notices may be attached in any way to any wall or floor or ground. Self-adhesive stickers are not permitted. All scenic elements must be built and painted off-site. Construction or painting is not allowed in the theater. Oil-based smoke machines are prohibited. Water-based hazers must be approved in advance, in writing by the Production Manager/Technical Director and the House assumes no responsibility if fire alarms/smoke detectors are activated by their use. A SM Fire Department permit is required for any stage effects involving open flames, cigarettes, cigars, pipes, flash boxes or any other incendiary device. Permits must be obtained no later than 21 days prior to opening performance.

Lobby Set Ups

The concession area may be used for concession food service sales as well as other areas. Food and beverages are not allowed in the auditorium at any time. Lobby set ups require submission of a layout showing placement of all furnishings and equipment, a complete schedule of load in and load out activities including contact information for your vendors, rental companies, caterer, etc. The Production Manager/Technical Director shall have final approval of set up location and set up appearance of any concession area and all lobby décor. Self-adhesive stickers are not permitted. Nothing may be attached in any way to any wall or floor without the prior approval of the Production Manager/Technical Director. House management must approve the location or repositioning of any lobby equipment or décor. House staff will strictly enforce all Santa Monica Fire Department fire safety and ADA regulations.


Exterior set ups require submission of a layout showing placement of all furnishings and equipment, a complete schedule of load in and load out activities including contact information for your vendors, rental companies, caterer, etc. No alterations shall be made to the building without the explicit consent and approval of the Production Manager of the PAC. Nothing shall be attached to any part of the building (including tape/Velcro) without the explicit consent and approval of the Production Manager of the PAC. Smoking is only permitted outdoors in designated areas. The user must clean up events on the terrace. Please review House Rules for Caterers for cleanup requirements. Any activity, interior or exterior, that requires furnishings and equipment, requires PAC staff supervision from start of setup to strike down, and a permit. Use of the upper and lower terrace is on a non-exclusive basis. Your permit for use provides the right to setup your event on the upper and/or lower terrace, leaving proper fire isles for passage to other areas of the campus. Campus police ensure that other authorized users of PAC facilities do not disrupt your event and vice versa.


House staff will not accept any deliveries on behalf of performers or producing organizations without prior written approval of the User and/or its Artists. If written authorization is provided, House staff will accept deliveries without inspection and will not be responsible for any damages, losses or shortages of any items it accepts and signs for on behalf of User. Early drop off or late pick up is permitted only with prior approval of Production Manager. All vendors must be informed of the PAC curfew on activities. Outside activities back of house at the loading dock and at any catering tent must ALWAYS shut down by 10 p.m. The PAC does not charge for leaving tents and equipment in place overnight for load out the next morning. However, this must be coordinated with PAC staff and staff supervision is required of all next-day load-out activities, including vendor arrival times for pickup.