Performing Arts Center

Performing Arts Center Rental Rates


Performing Arts Center Facility Use Charges Per Day

(Facility rental charges do not include labor costs)

The Eli and Edythe Broad Stage

Service/Event Price
Load in, set-up, work light rehearsal, strike down, loadout $2,000
Non-Profit Technical (full dress) rehearsal (no audience) $2,500
Technical (full dress) rehearsal $3,000
Commercial Performance $6,000
Non-Profit Performance $4,000
Double performance day and commercial filming $7,500
Commercial still photography $5,000

The Edye Second Space

(Please note: the Edye Second Space is used as a classroom Monday-Friday and is only available as an add-on rental when renting The Broad Stage on weekends. It is not available as a standalone rental.)

Service/Event Price
Support Space $600
Rehearsal/Performance $1,500
Reception/commercial filming $2,500

PAC East Wing Music Hall

(Please note: the East Wing Music Hall is used as a classroom Monday-Friday and is only available as an add-on rental when renting The Broad Stage on weekends. It is not available as a standalone rental.)

Service/Event Price
Rehearsal $1,000
Performance $2,000
Event, Commercial Filming $3,000
Commercial still photography $2,500

A 50% deposit of the total estimated cost or the day use fee for each day of occupancy is required to hold a date. Payment in full, including security deposit, must be received five (5) business days prior to load in. Tours are available by appointment only. A production application must be completed prior to site inspection.

A day is up to eight (8) consecutive hours during a 24-hour period starting at 12 midnight and ending at 11:59 p.m. Additional hours are pro-rated for the activity being performed. If more than one activity occurs on a single day, the highest rate will apply. Reduced rates are available for three or more performance days. Non-profit 501(c)(3) organizations receive a 40% discount off the day rate. Discounts apply only to the Broad Stage.

Rental rates include all equipment owned by the house (with the exception of the Christie cinema projector and pianos), approved dressing rooms and use of the lobby from two hours before curtain through one hour following last curtain call. Standard utilities do not include company switch connections. Technical support, insurance, parking and other costs associated with your production will be discussed in a production meeting.

House personnel are required to operate all equipment owned by the House. At the discretion of the Production Manager, User’s staff may be permitted to run light and soundboards and install specialized equipment and rigging, but House personnel must be on hand at all times and the User will be charged for labor to remove/restore House equipment.

Additional Facility Use Charges Per Day

Broad Stage Lobby

Service/Event Price
Main Lobby, not including auditorium (150-200 people) $2,000

East Wing Prep Kitchen

Service/Event Price
Prep kitchen includes microwave, refrigerator, warming cabinet, ice maker, 3-compartment sink, garbage disposal, 2’x4′ stainless steel table $200 – plus $500 refundable deposit


Location Price
Upper Terrace $500
Lower Terrace $500
Edye Courtyard $300


Parking is on a space-available basis at the following per day rates:

Service/Event Price
Passenger vehicle $10
Cube Van/News Van $20
Trailer/Bus/Motor Home to 30 feet $30/space utilized
Cab + Trailer over 30+ feet $50/space utilized

Parking charges may be waived if the user agrees to pay all costs for parking directors, valet, and shuttles, as well as off-site parking, if necessary, to protect student/staff parking and accommodate User’s guests including the audience, performers, crew, volunteers, press. Overflow parking costs are the responsibility of the User. Although there is ample onsite parking, it must be shared with other users at the PAC. Parking is available at various off-site locations within walking distance of the PAC. At an additional charge, stacked parking and/or shuttle service can be provided to and from satellite parking lots.

Labor Charges

Labor Rates 1st 8 Hours

Rates valid through June 30, 2023.

Labor Rates 1st 8 Hours Price
Technical Director $75.00/hr.
Lighting and Sound Designer $75.00/hr.
Stage Manager/Production Manager $75.00/hr.
Light Board Operator, Sound Board Operator, Carpenter, Rigger, Video Operator, Electrician, Audio Technician, Stagehand $65.00/hr.
House Manager/Box Office Manager $55.00/hr.
Custodian $55.00/hr.
Groundskeeper $55.00/hr.
Security (Campus Police Officer) $110.00/hr.
Campus Safety Officer (CSO) $60.00/hr.
Performance Activity Assistant (usher, ticket taker, door attendant) $35.00/hr.

All house labor is subject to:

  • 4-hour minimum call out.
  • A one-hour walk-away meal break to be taken within the first five (5) hours of work or a 30-minute meal break on site is allowed with food provided by the client.
  • Hours 9-12 paid at time and a half.
  • Over 12 hours paid at double time.
  • Scheduling must include a turn-around of at least 10 hours.
  • Changes to call times cannot be made less than 24 hours before crew call. Crew calls of less than eight (8) hours must be scheduled at least 72 hours in advance. You will be charged the four-hour minimum for any crew scheduled and not canceled at least 24 hours in advance of the call.
  • We will do our best to schedule any additional crew required, but cannot guarantee crew availability without at least 24 hours notice.