Dual Enrollment

Corsair Connect


How to Use the Corsair Connect Student Portal

  1. Go to the Corsair Connect login page at www.smc.edu/cc. You can also go to www.smc.edu and click on "Login" followed by "Corsair Connect"

  2. Log in with your SMC username and password.

    • Forget your SMC username or password? Having problems logging in? Go to the Corsair Connect login page, click "I cannot access my account", and follow the instructions.
    • If you are having any other login problems, look for quick solutions on the Student Information Technology Help webpage.

How to Check Enrollment

  1. Log into Corsair Connect

  2. Once you have successfully logged into Corsair Connect you will be directed to the “Home Screen”. On the Home Screen, in the middle of the page you will see the classes that you have enrolled in. You can also click the "Classes & Enrollment" link on the left.

    Corsair Connect website with the Enrolled Area section indicated. 

How to Drop a Class

How to Drop a Class in Corsair Connect at SMC
  1. Sign in to Corsair Connect at smc.edu/cc (opens in new window)
  2. Click the “Enrollment Services” link in the center of the page
  3. Select the correct semester from the drop down semester menu
  4. Click the “Drop a Class” link and enter the 4 digit section number, and click the “Drop Class” button
  5. You should receive a message saying you have successfully dropped the course

Access Your Student Records

How to obtain unofficial grades and transcripts.

How to Order SMC Transcripts
  1. Sign in to Corsair Connect at smc.edu/cc (opens in new window) , then click the “Enrollment Services” link
  2. Select the “Student Records” link on the enrollment services tab.
  3. You will then have access to your unofficial grades, transcripts, assessment scores etc.