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About Photography

The Photography program teaches the dynamics of visual communication to illustrate ideas, record events, articulate stories, express moods, sell products, and interpret a person's character. Courses stress technical knowledge, proficiency in camera control, digital and analog capture methods, artificial and natural light control, and image manipulation. This program prepares students for careers in photography‐related genres including advertising photography, food photography, architectural photography, editorial photography portrait photography, fashion photography, and photojournalism.

High school students in the 11th and 12th grade may begin this program concurrently with their high school program in approved by the high school principal.

For additional career possibilities, visit the Career Services Center on the main campus to utilize computerized career information systems and other valuable career resources.

Information regarding the Photography program is available in the Photography Department, 310-434‐3547.

Degree and Certificate Requirements

Programs Offered

Degree Option

  • Photography

Certificate Option

  • Analog Photography
  • Digital Technician
  • Photographer’s Assistant
  • Photography

Transfer Options and Opportunities

SMC students have many options and opportunities for transfer. Make your choice and see what you need to qualify.

Completion of major requirements does not satisfy all transfer admission requirements to UC, CSU, California Private, Out of State, or International institutions.

Please note: Not all schools offer this major.

For additional information visit the Photography department website.