Student Support

Being Matched with SMC Faculty


The following steps happen after a Community Partner has been added to the Community Partner Database.

  1. SMC faculty expresses interest in teaching a course with an applied and service learning component to the Applied and Service Learning Program and reviews the Community Partner Database for organizations whose needs and/or types of projects are related to his/her course learning objectives

  2. Community Partner is identified and contacted either by the SMC faculty and/or the Applied and Service Learning Program

  3. Both the SMC faculty and Community Partner discuss the nature of the placement (i.e. course content, community needs, types of projects, any other policies or requirements, etc.) and identify and agree on an Applied and Service Learning Project that students will complete.

  4. Community Partner offers the SMC faculty an option to attend a Community Partner Tour

  5. Students reach out to the assigned Community Partner for applied and service learning opportunities. To learn about how students sign up for applied and service learning opportunities, visit Applied and Service Learning Student Information.

  6. Community Partner begins Hosting Applied and Service Learning Students