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Applied and Service Learning Program for Students


Applied and Service Learning Basics for Students

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What is Applied and Service-Learning and What are the Benefits?

  • See what exactly is Applied and Service-Learning
  • Explore the benefits of participating
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How to Sign up for the Applied and Service-Learning Program?

  • Find out if you are eligible to participate
  • Explore CPT (For F-1 international students only)
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What are Some Examples of Projects Students Can Complete?

  • View examples of projects you can be doing in your classes, while gaining some work experience
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Applied and Service-Learning Dates and Deadlines Calendar

  • View classes offering Applied and Service-Learning and the Student Application deadline
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Applied and Service-Learning Student Resource Guide

  • Review all things related to Applied and Service-Learning in the Student Resource Guide
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Applied and Service-Learning Program Contact Information

  • Contact us if you have any questions about the Applied and Service-Learning Program

Reaching Out to a Community Partner

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Preparing Your Resume and Cover Letter

  • Prepare these necessary documents beforehand
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Contacting a Community Partner

  • Reach out to organization contacts like a professional
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Getting Ready for Your Interview 

  • Review these questions and tips before you interview
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Responding to Placement Offers

  • Learn how to respond to an offer like a professional
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Submitting Your Student Application and Forms

  • Download the Student Application and other program forms here
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Attend your Community Partner Orientation

  • Participate in any Community Partner training/orientation

Getting the Most Out of Your Experience

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Taking Ownership of Your Work Experience

  • Make a positive impression and take ownership of your work experience
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Knowing Workplace Etiquette

  • Present yourself as a professional with these workplace etiquette rules
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Tracking Any Hours Completed

  • Track time you spend working with your community partner on you Time Log
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Completing Your Course Assignments

  • Submit any assignments to complete your experience
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Creating Closure with Your Community Partner

  • Learn how to close your experience with your community partner
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Following up on Your Work Experience

  • Take advantage of these opportunities, by following up on your work experience