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Captioning your Vimeo Video


Add Subtitles & Closed Captions in your Vimeo Videos

  1. Log into your Vimeo account and upload your video file.

  2. Once the video is process click Go To Video:

  3. Click Settings.

    or Click Settings button

  4. Click Advanced.

  5. Click Choose File if you have a caption file:

    Here's an example of a formatted caption file with a .srt file extension typed out in NotePad.

  6. Choose Launch Editor to manual enter captions as the video is being played back to you:

  7. Choose and language and click Confirm.

  8. The screenshot below is what you’ll see, giving you hints how to use the interface to add captions.

  9. Follow instructions by hitting the tab key to start and pause video and press enter after entering the captions throughout the video

  10. Step 2 is clicking on Start review. This gives you a timeline and adjustable blocks representing your captions to fine tune the captions.

  11. Drafts can be saved until you complete the captioning.

  12. Once the review process is complete, click Publish your captioned video and use the link to distribute.

Use the link below to download a Microsoft Word doc with instructions and screen shots

MS Word DocumentVimeo captioning