Student Support

DHHS Rights Responsibilities


Student’s Rights

  • Right to have an equal opportunity in classroom learning, out of the classroom learning, and student activities.

  • Right to refuse to explain to the instructor the kind of disability you have.

  • Right to know why a request for a service provider was not accommodated.

  • Right to provide feedback about a service provider's performance or professionalism to improve or strengthen services.

  • Right to immediately contact the DHH Supervisor/DSPS office if a service provider fails to show up for a confirmed assignment. Every reasonable effort will be made to provide a substitute service provider for the assignment.

  • Right to discuss your preferred style of communication (ASL, PSE, etc.) with your interpreter as well as any preferred signs for non-standard vocabulary.

  • Right to bring any concerns about your services and the way they are being provided to the attention of the DHH Supervisor or DSPS office.

Student’s Responsibilities

  • Responsibility to meet with a DSPS counselor to request accommodations in a timely manner each semester and to participate in the development of an Academic Accommodation Plan (AAP).
  • Responsibility to request accommodations for on or off-campus activities (i.e.: counseling appointments, financial aid, workshops, tutoring, group meetings, special activities, field trips etc.) or change of services (i.e.: cancelling an appointment, dropped class, added/changed class,  room change, etc.) by emailing the DHH Supervisor or using the Online Request Form . Requests must be made at least three days in advance for on-campus activities and at least ten days in advance for off-campus activities. Every effort will be made to accommodate late requests, but cannot be guaranteed. 
  • Responsibility to attend class on time. The Service Provider will wait 20 minutes and if you are not thereby that time, the Service Provider will leave. If you know you are running late, contact the DHH Supervisor to see if your Service Providers can wait. If you arrive late and your Service Providers have left, contact the DHH Supervisor or DSPS office to see if a service provider is still available. If you arrive late, it is your responsibility to get information about what you missed from the instructor or fellow students, not your service providers. Service providers will wait outside of the classroom/location until the student arrives unless there is a logistical reason they need to wait inside.
  • Responsibility to inform the DHH supervisor if you will be absent or late for class. If you have a planned absence, you must inform the DHH Supervisor more than 48 hours in advance so your service providers can be rescheduled to fulfill other needs. After two absences in a single class without prior notification (no-shows) or repetitive late notifications (less than 48 hours in advance), further services to that class will not be provided until you contact the DHH Supervisor to request reinstatement and confirm you will attend.
  • Responsibility to inform the DHH Supervisor of your final exam date and if you need Service Providers present. If you do not notify the DHH Supervisor with this information, no Service Provider will be scheduled for your final exam date.
  • Responsibility to NOT share captioning transcripts or note-taker notes with students or instructors. Any request for copies of these notes must be made through the DSPS office.
  • Responsibility to ask your instructor, not your service provider if you have any questions regarding the lecture, course material, or assignments.
  • Responsibility to not have personal or side conversations unrelated to course content with the service provider during class.
  • Responsibility to be respectful to the service provider at all times.


Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services Supervisor: Denise Henninger
DHH Voice: 310-434-4497
Video Phone: (424) 238-1635
DSPS: 310-434-4265

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