Student Support

Differences K-12 College


K-12 IDEA ‘97 K-12 504 Plan College 504 and ADA

Success more of a right

No guarantee

No guarantee. Student responsible for own success

District identifies disability

Parent provides documentation of disability

Student provides documentation of disability and need for accommodation

Free evaluation of disability

Parent’s responsibility

Student’s responsibility

District develops Individual

Education Plan (IEP)

Parent/school develops plan

Student identifies accommodation needs

Entitled to services identified on IEP

Services determined by plan

College services not automatic; each college decides eligibility and services

District ensures that the IEP is implemented

District/parent/student responsible

Student responsible for own progress

Teacher advocate

Parent/student advocate

Student advocates for self

Fundamental alterations to program of study permitted as identified on IEP

Fundamental alterations of program of study permitted as identified on 504 plan

None allowed: Accommodation may not alter fundamental nature of course or impose an undue burden on an institution

Personal services: e.g., transportation, personal attendant, nurse

None provided

None provided

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