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Basic Needs Programs

Students’ basic needs include access to nutritious and sufficient food; safe, secure, and adequate housing – to sleep, to study, to cook, and to shower; healthcare to promote sustained mental and physical wellbeing; affordable technology and transportation; resources for personal hygiene; and childcare and related needs.

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Basic Needs Resources

Basic Needs Counselors can help connect students to on and off campus resources to meet their basic needs.

Basic Needs Team 

Sharlyne Massillon - Basic Needs Project Manager

Alyssa Heskin - Basic Needs Counselor, MSW

Thaddeus Phillips - Basic Needs Counselor, MSW

Andrew Smith - Basic Needs Counselor, MSW

Stephanie Sorady-Iverson - Basic Needs Counselor, MSW

Contact Information 

Phone: 310-434-3100



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