​Accessing the Wait Lists and Open Seat Notification Lists

  • Login to Corsair Connect. Click on the "Enrollment" tab, select the correct term of enrollment, then click on "Wait for a Class" or on "Open Seat Notification List."

  • These options are not available throughout the year. They will show up on your Corsair Connect enrollment menu only during the appropriate timeline corresponding to the enrollment period.

About Wait Lists

  • The Wait List for a class opens up to students two (2) weeks before the start of a term--first come, first served. The maximum capacity for a wait list is approximately 25% of the maximum seat capacity for the class. The wait list will be updated as students enroll in the class or remove themselves from it.

  • ​Students will be able to join a single wait list per course (only one section of the course), subject to any course/section eligibility requirements (e.g., prerequisites, time conflicts).

  • The wait list is ordered in chronological order: the name of the student joining the wait list the earliest will be included at the top (#1). Instructors may use this information when considering granting Authorization (add) Codes once the class starts. Students will be able to see their position in the wait list (“Wait List Rank”) in Corsair Connect.

About Open Seat Notification Lists

  • Students may now add themselves to any "Open Seat Notification List." The purpose of the Notification List is to alert you by email that a seat has opened up. All students on the Notification List for the class will get this email.

  • Whoever enrolls first gets the seat. Being in a notification list does not guarantee an actual seat to anyone. Enrollment for the open seat is on a “first come, first to enroll” basis.

  • The class open seat notification list will be available to students until the Wait List option is activated 2 weeks before the start of the term.

  • Students will be able to join any Notification List, subject to any course/section eligibility requirements (e.g., prerequisites, time conflicts).

  • Notification list will not be capped. All students in the notification list will receive an email alerting them of an open seat.

  • Students may remove themselves from the notification list at any time through their Corsair Connect account.


Should I still “crash” classes during the first week if the class is closed and I’m not even in the wait list?

Yes! While instructors who have an opening in a class tend to add students based on the wait list, in many cases, waitpool students fail to show up on the first day of class. Thus, other students may be able to get an add code.

Can I get in a whole bunch of Open Seat Notification Lists for one type of course (e.g., English 1)? What about the Wait List?

  • Open Seat Notification Lists: Yes!
  • Wait Lists: No, you will only be able to get into one wait list for each course. You will be allowed to place yourself in any wait list you wish, if you qualify.

How big is the wait list for each class?

The maximum number of students in the pool will be 25% of the enrollment limit for that course.

Can I put myself into any Open Seat Notification List or Wait List for any classes, regardless of my eligibility?

No, policies that apply to enrollment in the course also apply.

What if I’m getting close to my enrollment unit max? Can I still get into several wait list?

Yes, but once you enroll in the wait listed class, the maximum unit limitation will apply. So you may need to drop a class as needed.​

What about wait list and time conflicts with other classes that I’m already enrolled in?

Students may not place themselves in a wait list if the time slot conflicts with another course in which they are enrolled or are in the wait pool. This does not apply to the Open Seat Notification List.

What if I am already enrolled in a class, but I want to be in another section because I like the other meeting time better? Can I be in the wait list for other sections of the same course?

No, you can only be enrolled in one section.

Okay, I’m in the wait list for a class and a seat opens up. I automatically get added into the open seat, right?

No, you will need to enroll in that class.