Speech and Debate Team

Speech and Debate Team


SMC Professor Nate Brown & His Dream Debate Team

About the Speech and Debate Team

This Debate Team at SMC is a class and sometimes a club. The class is Com St. 22: Introduction to Competitive Speech and Debate.
It is a 2 unit class that Debate Team member can take 4 time, assuming they compete on the Debate Team for 4 semesters at SMC.
Com St 22 is open for Fall 2022, starting Oct. 24th, as an 8 week hybrid class on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:15am to 12:35pm in PV171. 
Attendance at all classes is not requires. Credit in the class is earned by a combination of class hours, extra practice hours, and weekend tournament hours. 
Each student can work out the best way to complete the necessary hours. 
If you are interested in the Debate Team, please enroll in Com St 22. If you need a credit limit waiver, contact Prof. Nate Brown. 

The Debate Team is also often a club through the Associated Students. But students who want to earn credit, have it show up on their transcript, and want to compete for trophies should enroll in Com St. 22.  

To learn about how to join the Debate Team contact Prof. Nate Brown at brown_nate@smc.edu

Coach/Professor: Nate Brown