Speech and Debate Team

Speech and Debate Team Events


Debate Events

  • IPDA: International Public Debate Association. 1 on 1 debate in a mostly conversational style with limited preparation time. 
  • NPDA: National Parlimentary Debate Association. 2 on 2 in a very structured and rigorous style, with limited preparation time. 
  • There are other styles of competitie debate (policy, LD, BP) but SMC has not regularly competed in them. 

Speech Events

  • Limited Preparation Events
    • Impromtu speaking
    • Extemporaneous speaking
  • Platform Events
    • Persuasive speaking
    • Informative speaking
    • After Dinner speaking
    • Communication Analysis
  • Oral Interpretation Events
    • Poetry Interp
    • Drama Interp
    • Prose Interp
    • Program Oral Interp
    • Duo Interp
The exact events the SMC Speech and Debate Team competes in changes each year, depending on student interest and coaching resources.
The most common events for SMC have been IPDA debate, NPDA debate, Impromptu speaking, and Extemporaneous speaking.