2022-2023 Season

PSCFA Warm Up (Oct. 1, 2022 at El Camino College)

  • Nadia Lopez: EXCELLENCE award in Nov. IPDA
  • Orion Young: EXCELLENCE award in Nov. IPDA

2021-2022 Season

  • No team this year in post-covid rebuild

2020-2021 Season

PSCFA Cool Off (online)

  • Sarah Nachimson: Bronze Novice IPDA

Online IPDA  Tournament (www.climbthemountain.us)

  • Rachel Sun: 1st place JV IPDA and 11th best speaker award
  • Kelsey Molle: 1st place JV IPDA
  • Jules Shinbrot: quarterfinalist Novice IPDA and 7th best speaker award
  • Samuel Shaffer: quarterfinalist Novice IPDA

CCCFA State Champs (online)

  • Dexter Cypress and Ariyana Tavakoli: Gold Open NPDA plus speaker awards
  • Arman Hedayat: Gold Open IPDA plus speaker awards

PSCFA Spring Champs (online)

  • Sonia Hiew and Orion Young: GOLD Rookie NPDA

PSCFA Fall Champs (online)

  • Dexter Cypress: GOLD Jr. NPDA
  • Ariyana Tavakoli: GOLD Jr. NPDA
  • Arman Hedayat: GOLD Nov. IPDA
  • Jules Shinbrot: SILVER Jr. IPDA
  • Carter Francis: BRONZE Nov. IPDA

October Surprise: Mt. Sac (online)

  • Nate Alpern: BRONZE Nov. IPDA
  • Dexter Cypress: BRONZE Open NPDA
  • Ariyana Tavakoli: BRONZE Open NPDA

Crossman (online)

  • Arman Hedayat: GOLD Nov. IPDA
  • Thomas Rhalter: BRONZE Nov. IPDA

PSCFA Warm Up (online)

  • Arman Hedayat: Superior Nov. IPDA


2019-2020 Season

NOFF: National Online Forensics Festival (online)

  • Kelsey Molle: Bronze NPDA
  • Rachel Sun: Bronze NPDA
  • Xochitl Buenabad: 1st place IPDA

Climb Online IPDA (our first online tournament)

  • Rachel Sun: 1st place Jr. IPDA
  • Kelsey Molle: 2nd place Jr. IPDA
  • Jules Shinbrot: quarterfinalist Nov. IPDA
  • Samuel Shaffer: quarterfinalist Nov. IPDA
  • Triston Dotson: Honors Nov. IPDA (winning prelim record, but didn't break to Elims)

Phi Rho Pi (Canceled due to COVID-19)

  • PRP squad who were invited and would have gone to nationals in Albuquerque, NM
    • Dexter Cypress
    • Brandon Chase
    • Rachel Sun
    • Ariyana Tavakoli
    • Kelsey Molle
    • Jules Shinbrot

PSCFA Spring Champs, Palomar College (last in person tournament before COVID)

  • Kelsey Molle: Silver Jr. NPDA, and 6th best speaker award
  • Brandon Chase: Silver Jr. NPDA, and 1st best speaker award
  • Jessica Keir: Bronze Nov. NPDA, and 3rd best speaker award
  • Andrew Gamboa: Bronze Nov. NPDA, and 2nd best speaker award
  • Rachel Sun: Bronze Jr. IPDA

PSCFA Fall Champs, Moorpark College

  • Ariyana Tavakoli and Dexter Cypress: Gold Nov. NPDA
  • Ariyana Tavakoli: 9th best NPDA speaker award.
  • Rachel Sun: Gold Nov. IPDA
  • Dexter Cypress: Gold Nov. IPDA 
  • Jules Shinbrot: Silver Nov. IPDA
  • Kelsey Molle: Silver Nov. IPDA
  • Andrew Gamboa: Bronze Nov. IPDA
  • Gabby Montgomery: Bronze Nov. IPDA
  • Ariynana Tavakoli: Bronze Nov. IPDA
  • 1st Place Novice Sweepstakes
  • 1st Place Limited Entry Sweepstakes

Crossman Invitational, El Camino College

  • SMC Debate Team: 1st place Sweepstakes, 2-yr colleges
  • Dexter Cypress: Octo-finalist Nov. NPDA, 3rd place Nov. IPDA
  • Ariyana Tavakoli: Octo-finalist Nov. NPDA
  • Xochitl Buenabad: Octo-finalist Nov. NPDA (hybrid team with Santiago Canyon College)
  • Dom Smith: 1st place Open IPDA (2nd best speaker)
  • Brandon Chase: 3rd place Open IPDA
  • Rachel Sun: 1st place Nov. IPDA
  • Yusef Vestle: 3rd place Nov. IPDA
  • Kelsey Molle: 3rd place Nov. IPDA (5th best speaker)
  • Gabby Montgomery: 3rd place Nov. IPDA (2nd best speaker)
  • Genevieve Faherty: 2nd place Nov. IPDA
  • Jules Shinbrot: 3rd place Nov. IPDA

PSCFA Warm Up, El Camino College

  • Xochitl Buenabad: Superior IPDA
  • Brina Ross: Excellent IPDA
  • Brandon Anderson: Excellent IPDA
  • Rachel Sun: Excellent IPDA
  • Dexter Cypress: Excellent IPDA

2018-2019 Season

Phi Rho Pi 2019 in Reno, NV

  • Shaindi Schwebel: Gold Award, IPDA (National Champion)
  • 3rd Place Sweepstakes, Wheeler Division

PSCFA Cool Off, Cerritos College

  • Chern Xun Gan: 2nd place Impromptu, Silver IPDA
  • Arundhati Ghosh: Silver IPDA

PSCFA Spring Champs, Palomar College

  • Brandon Chase: Bronze NPDA
  • Miguel Sanchez: Bronze NPDA
  • Genevieve Faherty, Bronze NPDA, Bronze IPDA
  • Will Stonehouse, Bronze IPDA

Tabor-Venitsky Invitational, Cerritos College

  • Alexys Davis: Bronze IPDA, 2nd Best Speaker
  • Genevieve Faherty: Bronze IPDA
  • Brandon Chase: 5th Best Speaker

PSCFA Fall Champs, Mt. San Antonio College

  • Dominic Smith: Gold NPDA
  • Alberto Mancia, Gold NPDA
  • Layla Akbar-Grant: Bronze IPDA, Bronze NPDA
  • Brandon Chase: Bronze IPDA, Bronze NPDA

Crossman Invitational, El Camino College

  • Dominic Smith: Gold IPDA
  • Alexys Davis: Gold IPDA
  • Brandon Chase: Silver IPDA, 1st Best Speaker
  • Layla Akbar-Grant: Bronze IPDA
  • Shaindi Schwebel: Bronze IPDA
  • 3rd Place Sweepstakes

PSCFA Warm Up, El Camino College

  • Shaindi Schwebel: Excellent IPDA
  • Kelsey Molle: Excellent IPDA
  • Heyji Jang: Excellent IPDA

2017-2018 Season

Phi Rho Pi in Daytona Beach, FL

  • Andrew Mishkin, Gold IPDA (National Champion), Bronze NPDA
  • Nicholas Graves: Bronze IPDA
  • Kyle Lee: Bronze NPDA

Hornet Invitational, Fullerton College

  • Sabrena Kaur: 2nd Place Impromptu
  • Alberto Mancia: Finalist Impromptu

PSCFA Spring Champs

  • Kyle Lee: Gold IPDA, 5th Best Speaker

Tabor-Venitsky Invitational, Cerritos College

  • Ben Kolodny: Silver IPDA
  • Samantha Mora: Bronze IDA, 3rd Best Speaker
  • Shaindi Schwebel: Silver IPDA
  • Kyle Lee: Finalist Impromptu
  • Nocholas Graves: 4th Best Speaker

PSCFA Fall Champs

  • Ben Kolodny: Silver IPDA, 5th Place Extemp, 3rd Best Speaker
  • Baylynne Brunetti: Silver IPDA
  • Kyle Lee: Silver IPDA, Finalist Impromptu, Finalist Extemp, 5th Best Speaker
  • Harrison Kulow: Bronze IPDA
  • Genevieve Ratmansky: Bronze IPDA
  • Edward Lee: Finalist Extemp

Barbera Invitational, CSUN

  • Baylynne Brunetti: 2nd Place ADS (After Dinner Speaking)
  • Edward Lee: Finalist Impromptu
  • Kyle Lee: 3rd Place Impromptu, 3rd Place Extemp
  • Nicholas Graves: Finalist Extemp
  • Shaindi Schwebel: Finalist Impromptu
  • Andrew Mishkin: 2nd Place Extemp, 2nd Place Impromptu
  • Ben Kolodny: Finalist Impromptu
  • Andrea Conte: 1st Place ADS (After Dinner Speaking)

Crossman Invitational, El Camino College

  • Andrew Mishkin: Gold IPDA
  • Baylynne Brunetti: Bronze IPDA
  • Edward Lee: Bronze IPDA
  • Shaindi Schwebel: Bronze IPDA


  • Kyle Lee: Superior IPDA
  • Ben Kolodny: Superior IPDA
  • Baylynne Brunetti: Superior IPDA
  • Andrew Mishkin: Excellent IPDA
  • Gray Levine: Excellent IPDA
  • Ethan Bass: Excellent IPDA
  • Nicholas Graves: Excellent IPDA
  • Andrew Monaco: Excellent IPDA

2016-2017 Season

Phi Rho Pi, Tysons Corner, VA (Washington D.C.)

  • Silver Sweepstakes, Wheeler Division
  • Thalyta Gondim: Bronze IPDA, Bronze NPDA
  • Matt Linsky: Bronze NPDA
  • Ben Kolodny: Bronze IPDA
  • Ashley Grace (Hinshaw): Silver Informative, Bronze Prose, Silver IPDA

PSCFA Cool Off

  • Leila Tovran: Gold IPDA
  • Garrett Parker: Finalist Extemp
  • Albert Cueva: Silver IPDA
  • Edward Lee: Gold IPDA, 1st Place Impromptu

PSCFA Spring Champs

  • Thalyta Gondim: Bronze IPDA
  • Matt Linsky: Bronze IPDA, 3rd Place Impromptu
  • Ashley Grace (Hinshaw): Bronze IPDA, 3rd Place Extemp
  • Garrett Parker: Finalist Impromptu

Tabor-Venitsky at Cerritos College

  • Thalyta Gondim: Finalist Impromptu
  • Ashley Grace (Hinshaw): 3rd Place Informative
  • Matt Linsky: Finalist Extemp

PSCFA Fall Champs

  • Matt Linsky: 1st Place Impromptu, 1st Place British Parli
  • Ashley Grace (Hinshaw): 1st Place Informative
  • Ben Kolodny: 1st Place British Parli
  • Garrett Parker: 3rd Best Speaker

Barbera Invitational at CSUN

  • Matt Linsky: Finalist Extemp

Lancer Invitational at PCC

  • Ben Kolodny: Finalist Extemp
  • Ashley Grace (Hinshaw): Finalist Persuasive


  • Matt Linsky: Gold Extemp, Silver Impromptu
  • Ben Kolodny: Silver Extemp

2015-2016 Season

Phi Rho Pi, Costa Mesa, CA

  • Thalyta Gondim: Bronze NPDA
  • Stephen Sands: Bronze NPDA

PSCFA Cool Off

  • Brendan Watson: Gold NPDA
  • Jin Woo Kim: Gold NPDA

PSCFA Fall Champs

  • Alfredo Gama: Gold NPDA (picket fence, 10 W ballots)
  • Stephanie Mendez: Gold NPDA (picket fence, 10 W ballots)

Lancer Invitational at PCC

  • Filipp Krasovski: Bronze NPDA
  • Stephen Sands: Bronze NPDA
  • Alfredo Gama: 4th Best Speaker


  • Filipp Krasovski: 2nd Best Speaker
  • Stephen Sands: 1st Best Speaker

2013 Season

PSCFA Spring ChampsCSULB

  • Hasun Khan: Silver NPDA
  • Ali Khan: Silver NPDA

Phi Rho Pi, Woodland Hills

  • Hasun Khan: Bronze Impromptu

PSCFA Cool Off

  • Michelle Treadwell: 2nd Place STE (Speech to Entertain)

2010-2011 Season

Miscellaneous Tournaments Spring 2010

  • Dominic Ameneyro: 1st Place BP debate at Loyola
  • Morgan McLoughlin:1st Place BP debate at Loyola

2009-2010 Season

Miscellaneous Tournaments Fall 2009

  • Cory Wolbach: Excellent NPDA Warm Up, Bronze NPDA PCC.
  • John Khosravi: Excellent NPDA Warm Up, Bronze NPDA PCC.
  • Morgan McLoughlin: Finalist Impromptu Mt. Sac
  • Jonathan Moss: Finalist Impromptu PCC?

Miscellaneous Tournaments Spring 2010

  • Evelina Weary: Finalist Impromptu Cool Off.
  • Morgan McLoughlin: Octo-Finalist BP debate at USU Nationals
  • Sam Pritchard: Octo-Finalist BP debate at USU Nationals
  • Tyler Sandness: Finalist Impromptu Cool Off

2008-2009 Season

Miscellaneous Tournaments Fall 2008

  • Ilona Gerbakher: Best Speaker PCC, Silver NPDA PCC, Finalist Impromptu PCC, Bronze NPDA Fall Champs
  • Lauren Moscatel: Silver NPDA PCC, Bronze NPDA Fall Champs
  • Sean Ogino: Silver NPDA Warm Up, 1st Place Impromptu Warm Up, Bronze NPDA Fall Champs
  • Nick Bronson: Finalist Impromptu PCC, Bronze NPDA Fall Champs, Finalist Impromptu Fall Champs
  • Kenan Heppe: Silver NPDA Warm Up, Bronze NPDA Fall Champs, Finalist Impromptu Fall Champs
  • Jonathan Moss: Finalist Impromptu PCC
  • David Kohan: Finalist Extemp PCC, Bronze NPDA Fall Champs

Miscellaneous Tournaments Spring 2009

  • 2nd Place Sweepstakes Spring Champs
  • Phi Rho Pi Portland: no awards :(
  • Nick Bronson: Bronze NPDA Spring Champs
  • Sam Pritchard: Bronze NPDA Spring Champs, 4th Best Speaker Spring Champs
  • Jonathan Moss: Silver NPDA Spring Champs
  • Ron Bar-Zion: Silver NPDA Spring Champs
  • Gary Lampert: Silver NPDA Spring Champs
  • Chris Vance: Silver NPDA Spring Champs

2007-2008 Season

Phi Rho Pi, St. Charles, Illinois (Chicago)

  • Sharmi Doshi: Bronze Impromptu
  • Ilona Gerbakher: Bronze Impromptu, Bronze Extemp

Miscellaneous Tournaments Fall 2007

  • Sharmi Doshi: Quarter finalist NPDA
  • Krystal Peak: Finalist NPDA
  • Kristen Brey: Gold NPDA at PCC
  • Weiss Hamid: Gold NPDA at PCC
  • Sam Pritchard: Gold NPDA at PSCFA Warm Up, Quarter finalist NPDA at PCC, 5th Best Speaker at PCC
  • Ilona Gerbakher: Gold NPDA at PSCFA Warm Up, Finalist NPDA Fall Champs at CSULA, 1st Place Impromptu PCC, 1st Place Impromptu Fall Champs
  • Brandon Barney: Finalist NPDA, Finalist Extemp
  • Hilary Porter: Finalist NPDA
  • Libby Jennisen: Bronze NPDA, Best Speaker
  • Lauren Moscatel: Finalist NPDA, Bronze NPDA
  • Michael McCutcheon: Finalist Prose

Miscellaneous Tournaments Fall 2007

  • Sharmi Doshi: Gold Impromptu at Spring Champs
  • Krystal Peak: Bronze NPDA Spring Champs
  • Hilary Porter: Bronze NPDA Spring Champs, Best Speaker

2006-2007 Season

Miscellaneous Tournaments Fall 2006

  • Jeffrey Higley: Gold NPDA Warm Up
  • Chrissy Norton: Gold NPDA Warm Up
  • Maarja Boulos: Silver Impromptu Warm Up
  • Russ Wald: Silver NPDA PCC
  • Sharmi Doshi: Silver NPDA Fall Champs
  • Darek Dashetler: Silver NPDA PCC
  • Roger Motti: Finalist Impromptu

Miscellaneous Tournaments Spring 2007

  • Sharmi Doshi: Bronze NPDA at State Champs, Woodland Hills.
  • Russ Wald: Bronze NPDA at State Champs, Woodland Hills

2005-2006 Season

Miscellaneous Tournaments Winter-Spring 2006

  • Kelly Donohue: 3rd Place Impromptu
  • Leador Brafman: Finalist Impromptu
  • David Di Rocco: Finalist Impromptu