Nursing Application



SMC Fall 2021 Nursing Application Period Has Concluded

Nursing Application Tutorial #1

Nursing Application Tutorial #2

Before you begin the application, complete the necessary steps:

  1. Have SMC Student ID# ready.
  2. Thoroughly review the application checklist: SMC ADN Application Checklist and SMC Nursing Program Criteria.
  3. Download and review the Multi-Criteria Screening as it used for screening applicants and referenced during the application. 
  4. All supporting documents, AP score report, and/or copy of official transcripts are required to be saved as a PDF file BEFORE uploading to the application.
    • A PDF file must contain all pages of your document. 
    • Ex: Transcript with multiple pages must include all pages and the transcript key (usually the last or back page). 
    • Ex: Volunteer letter with multiple pages and/or supporting documentation.
  5. Complete SMC ADN Program Application when avaiable. Next application cycle planned for summer 2021 for spring 2022 admission consideration. 
    • Log in with your SMC username and password. Your username is the first part of your SMC email address- everything before the "@" symbol.
    • The application is open for 45 minutes. However, you may save your progress and return to the application.
    • You are encouraged to apply as early as possible, before the deadline, in case you have questions.
    • Do not submit your application until you have uploaded all supporting documents. You have the option to save as you go and return to complete.
    • Once the application has been submitted, it is final. Modifications, changes, or additions (upload) cannot be made.

After applying:

  1. Review the Post-Application Timeline