Modern Languages & Cultures Department

Modern Languages Learning Center

The Modern Languages Learning Center invites SMC language students to explore our range of free services and resources, which include language tutoring and access to the Modern Languages Computer Lab.

Drescher Hall


Discover the free services and resources offered by the Modern Languages Learning Center, located at Drescher Hall, Room 219.

Modern Languages Tutoring Center

At the Modern Languages Tutoring Center, our friendly tutors provide free tutoring for language students in Drescher Hall, Room 219. Visit our website to view tutoring schedules and learn how to make an appointment.

Arts and Media
A photograph of the Modern Languages Lab.

Modern Languages Lab

Enhance your language skills, study, and complete assignments at the Modern Languages Computer Lab in Drescher Hall, Room 220. SMC language students enjoy complimentary access to the Mango Languages and Transparent Language apps, as well as other resources provided in the lab.

Language Lab Support Desk

Get technical assistance and solutions for the software, websites, and diverse multimedia materials offered by the Department of Modern Languages and Cultures located at Drescher Hall, Room 220.

Canvas Shell

Learn more about the Modern Languages Learning Center Canvas Shell.

The Canvas Shell is an online platform that offers language students a wide array of resources, announcements, guides, and tutorials. Students enrolled in a Modern Languages course are automatically registered each semester.

Explore the Summer 2024 Canvas Shell