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Friendly tutors provide FREE assistance for Santa Monica College students enrolled in Modern Languages and Cultures courses

In Person Tutoring will be available soon. For any inquiries, please email mltc@smc.edu for more details.

Virtual Zoom Tutoring Center

For Fall 2022, we are holding an Online Zoom room for students who would like to drop-in tutoring service at our online tutoring center. You can find tutors available in the breakout room for different languages when you join. If they are available, you will be able to start the session with our tutors. For tutor availability, please refer to the table below. 

Note: Tutoring center will open from Sep 6th to Dec 12th from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. For any questions joining the zoom, please contact Modern Language Tutoring Center

Join Virtual Zoom Tutoring Center

Booking Tutoring Appointments

Appointments must be made from your SMC Corsair Connect.

Instructions: Login to your Corsair Connect > Left column shows “Tutoring” button with yellow background > Follow the directing page to WCOnline > After registration, choose the schedule from the top drop-down list “Modern Language Fall 2022” > Select the tutors and languages on the schedule > Click on the white box and make an appointment. For any questions or concerns, please directly email the Tutoring Coordinator via shi_mengyi@smc.edu

You may upload files when setting up the appointment. Group tutoring can also be requested via email, contact the tutoring center to request group sessions. Click on the following links to make an appointment with a tutor and to access the session:

Make Appointment through Corsair Connect

Tutoring Room Policy

  1. Watch the Zoom tutorial before you join the meeting.

  2. Schedule a meeting-only when you need a tutoring session.

  3. Tutoring sessions will last for a duration of 30 or 60 minutes.

  4. The host tutors reserve the right to terminate a session at any time.

  5. Have your study materials ready, tutors do not have access to textbooks.

  6. Tutors are not instructors; hence we do not conduct lectures.

  7. Contact your network provider or Zoom if you have technical issues.

Tutoring Sessions Guide Book

  1. Read the details about the tutors, and then select accordingly

  2. Check to make sure that the tutor is available when requested

  3. Make sure that you selected the correct tutor for your subject

  4. Book your appointment and attend on time. Preferably get ready 10 minutes before sessions.

  5. The tutor will meet you in the booking system. You can find the link in your booking confirmation emails.

  6. Have your questions and study materials ready

  7. You can also use the chat option to ask questions

  8. Be polite and respectful

Tutoring Schedule - FA22


Tutor Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Enrico 10 am - 3 pm 10 am - 3 pm N/A 10 am - 3 pm N/A
Moe  N/A N/A 1 pm - 5 pm 11 am - 3 pm N/A


Tutor Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Enrico 10 am - 3 pm 10 am - 3 pm N/A

10 am - 3 pm



Emilia N/A N/A 8 am - 1 pm 

9 am - 4 pm 



Tutor Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Zarah 10 am - 3 pm 2:30 - 5 pm 10 am - 3 pm




Tutor Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Francesca 9 am - 12 pm N/A N/A


9 am - 12 pm


Tutor Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Sasha 11:30 am - 3:30 pm N/A 11:30 am - 3:30 pm



Student Employment

Required Skills

  • Customer Service Skills: A successful tutor or Student assistant must be able to form relationships with students, discuss their concerns, and help them through the process of finding an answer. This requires patience, kindness, and an energetic, friendly demeanor.

  • Intercultural Communication Skills: SMC's student body is large and diverse. A tutor must be able to work amicably with students of all different types of backgrounds. All are welcome here.

  • Demonstrated Academic Success: A tutor should be an exemplary student. The role of a tutor in the Tutoring Center is not only to help with questions about the courses but developing good study habits, test-taking skills, etc. The skills learned with a tutor should be applicable to any class a student takes.

Become a Tutor 

Applications are accepted at any time and tutors are hired throughout the year as needed. Our tutors are required to be actively enrolled as full-time students (12 units). Tutors who are recipients of the Federal Work-Study award as part of their financial aid are eligible to work while enrolled in 6 units.

More information about eligibility for student employment.

Apply to be a Tutor

Become a Student Assistant

This is a Federal Work Study position offered to students who receive financial aid. No prior experience needed! Perfect for new students with excellent computer applications skills, who do not have a GPA yet.

Applications are accepted at any time, applicants will be contacted as positions become available.

Apply to be a Student Assistant

For Faculty

Faculty may recommend qualifying students as candidates for tutoring or student assistant positions.

Refer a Student

Contact the Modern Languages Tutoring Center

Mengyi (Jane) Shi, Tutoring Coordinator