Sociology Coaching Program


About the Sociology Coaching Program (SCP)

In an effort to increase the success rate in Sociology 1, the Sociology Coaching Program (SCP) was developed for Fall and Spring semesters. In a nutshell, the SCP is a hybrid between:

  • a typical "discussion section" at a 4-year school

  • a "supplemental instructor session"

  • a professional "tutor"

  • a non-credit companion course

Who are the SCP students?

The SCP is designed to work with students to increase scores and replace low scores. While no student in Sociology 1 will be turned away, those students earning less than 70% on an assessment in the course will be specifically referred to the SCP by their instructor. Attendance is voluntary but greatly encouraged.

What does the SCP offer?

SCP sessions are held 3-4 times per week. During these sessions, the ”Sociology Coach” (a faculty member) offers students “mini-lecture explanations,” one-on-one and/or group tutoring, facilitated group study sessions, supplemental material, and study skills recommendations. Students who attend at least 2 of these sessions have the opportunity to raise the score on a prior assessment to a passing grade via an additional assessment. The SCP also makes the appropriate textbook available to students who do not have it. The text is loaned to a student for 7 days and the loan is renewable contingent upon SCP attendance.

What is the Sociology Supplemental Learning Site?

All students enrolled in Sociology 1 have access to the SMC-created “Sociology Supplemental Learning Site” in Canvas. The Supplemental Learning Site is organized based on topic/unit and contains supplemental readings, videos, links, study guides, and lecture notes (as approved by instructor) as well as practice quizzes and practice vocabulary matching exercises.

For more information, contact your Sociology instructor.

Schedule for Fall Semester 2020

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