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About the Digital Retouching Program

  • Photo by Matt Padilla
  • Photo by Lynn Fyffe
  • Photo by Kimberlin Gonzalez
  • Photo by Katie Cornett
  • Photo by Josefine Frendin
  • Photo by Mariana Morgan
  • Photo by Son
  • Photo by Ayako Suzuki
  • Photo by Diego Razera
  • Photo by Jon Weinberg
  • Photo by Natalie Amenula
  • Photo by Daniela Berzuini
  • Photo by Michael Camacho
  • Photo by Silvia Marin
  • Photo by Sam Atkin

Step into a career path in photography and digital retouching, where jobs are diverse, dynamic, and abundant. Digital retouching in the field of photography applies to nearly every sector of the job market, with opportunities across entertainment, fashion and beauty, technology, digital marketing, advertising, graphic design, art, and more. You will develop a professional understanding of image output for both commercial and fine art needs as a photographer, on-set digital technician, or photographic retoucher.

Photo retouching and digital photo illustration involve using computer imaging software including Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop and Capture One. Experienced photography instructors bring the classroom to life with real-world projects that support your digital workflow and ultimately, your portfolio. Combine your creative talents with technical skills as you learn how to alter images, retouch skin and body parts, understand the tools and techniques for color styling, and have the ability to successfully combine multiple images together to help communicate a photographic vision or idea.

We additionally support you in learning how to cultivate industry contacts as well as develop a professional photography portfolio that will help you successfully launch your career.

Degree & Certificate Information

Title image by SMC student Josefine Frendin