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About the People & Portrait Photography Program

  • Photo by Jenny Barinova
  • Photo by Chris Ram
  • Photo by Karl Erik Vasslag
  • Photo by Elena Klepatskaya
  • Photo by Ma'Kayla Lee
  • Photo by Brandon Sanchez
  • Photo by Katie Cornett
  • Photo by Nick Horne
  • Photo by Xochi Marmolejo
  • Photo by Allyson Rainey
  • Photo by Fred Cohen
  • Photo by Sara Peterson
  • By Alexey Martynov
  • By Valerie Uzan
  • By Steffaney Price
  • By Alex Canales
  • By Robert Bliss
  • Olesia Stoliar
  • Olesia Stoliar
  • By John Furth

Whether you’re photographing a studio portrait for the cover of an international magazine, or collaborating with a team of creatives to produce content for a well-known fashion brand, photographing people can be an incredibly rewarding profession.

For this in-demand career field, you have the creative freedom to build a freelance business, explore entrepreneurship, or open a studio. Successful portrait photographers have mastered the ability to tell stories and convey emotion within the frame of a single still image. People/portrait photographers specialize in photographing advertisements, editorial portraits, celebrities, musicians, fashion models, and much more. Learn how to assess, analyze, and effectively utilize a combination of natural and dynamic artificial lighting. Our lighting curriculum teaches strong foundational skills in professional lighting techniques while utilizing some of the latest lighting and camera technology available.

Additionally, we support students in learning how to cultivate industry contacts as well as develop a professional photography portfolio that will help launch a successful career.

Degree & Certificate Information

Title image by SMC student Michael Scholz