Facilities within the SMC Photography Department

The Photography Department has 10 shooting bays or studios for use by intermediate and advanced level students, black-and-white and color darkrooms, and a digital lab. In addition, we offer equipment for students to rent out including cameras, tripods, grip and lighting equipment and more. 

Studio Spaces

Students enrolled in our studio courses enjoy the use of Profoto lighting, Canon DSLRs, and Phase One medium format digital backs/cameras.

Intermediate level students enjoy the use of 1,440 square feet of studio space, divided into six 240 square foot bays.

Advanced students have access to nearly 1,800 square feet of shooting space, including two studios of 285 square each, and two 600-square foot spaces with a cyclorama wall. Students also have access to a well-equipped kitchen, dressing and makeup room, and equipment storage rooms.

Each studio is outfitted with an abundance of grip equipment including Profoto D2 lights and modifiers.

SMC Studio Space.

Digital Imaging Lab

The digital imaging lab consists of 28 instructional Macintosh computers, with 10 additional Macs supporting a tabloid flatbed scanner and multiple Hasselblad/Imacon film scanners handling all formats up to 4x5” with Canon inkjet printers capable of handling papers up to 24" wide.

SMC Photo Dept Digital Lab

A Community Darkroom

SMC offers a community darkroom of thirty Omega D5-XL black-and-white enlargers with a full complement of Rodenstock lenses for 35mm, medium format, and 4x5 films arrayed around a 200 square foot stainless steel sink. Twenty-two individual color printing rooms contain Chromega D5-XL enlargers, again with Rodenstock lenses for all formats up to 4x5”. Type C prints are machine-processed through our 24” RA-4 Processor. The Photography Department also maintains a 900-square-feet exhibition gallery with shows running year-round.

Black and White Darkroom
Facility Photos by SMC student Sara Peterson