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Our faculty and staff are dedicated to developing the next generation of theatre performers, designers, and live-event technicians. We provide you with hands-on training in scenic design and construction, lighting, sound, projection, staging, makeup, and costuming using cutting-edge technology. Students will have opportunities to design for industry productions and workshops. Our degree and certificate programs open doors to diverse career opportunities.

Technical Theatre students gain hands-on experience both within and outside of the theatre. Build a foundation in theatre history, and learn the principles of montage, story, human behavior, cinematics, and staging and camera techniques. We combine theory and practice to help you develop transferable skills for the industry workplace.

Associate in Science Degree - Technical Theatre

19 units + General Education Requirements

Certificate of Achievement - Technical Theatre

19 units

The Technical Theatre Program provides rigorous academic instruction, hands-on practical training, and experiential learning in several areas of technical theatre production. Through coursework as well as practical work on theatrical productions, students are trained in Stagecraft, Stage Lighting, Projection, Stage Sound, Scenic and Prop Construction, Stage Management, Stage Costuming, and Stage Make-Up.

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Department Certificate - Audio and Visual Technician

Coming soon.

Department Certificate - Scenic Design and Construction

9 units

This Certificate provides rigorous academic instruction and practical training for students to attain skills and knowledge in Scenic Design and Construction.

Upon completion of the program, students will demonstrate knowledge and basic skills in the area of set building, construction and painting techniques.

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Department Certificate - Stage Lighting, Sound and Projection

9 units

The Stage Lighting, Sound and Projection Certificate provides academic instruction, hands-on practical training, and experiential learning in the specific areas of Lighting, Sound, and Projection for Theatre and Live Events. Students will work with advanced technology and materials in the use of Intelligent Lighting Systems, Sound, and Projection equipment.

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Planned Degrees

  • Audio/Visual Technician
  • Stage Costuming & Make-up

Potential Career Options

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