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About the Global Trade and Logistics Program

Move Products Across the Globe with a Career in Logistics

Imagine a career that could take you around the world. Global trade and logistics are about the movement of products and services across the globe to consumers. Santa Monica College is at the forefront of education and training in this fascinating career field. Programs in logistics prepare students for careers that entail managing the movement of raw materials, energy, finished products, money, people, satellites, information and more.

Global trade and logistics include supply chain management, operations management, packing, materials handling, transportation management, distribution center management, inventory management, procurement, warehousing, and systems controls. From cargo handler to sales executive, the range of possible career options is endless.

With on-campus, hybrid, and fully online program options, SMC offers a format that works for you.

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Degrees and Certificates

Associate in Science Degree - Logistics and Supply Chain Management

24 units + General Education Requirements

Certificate of Achievement - Logistics/Supply Chain Management

24 units

This program provides students the opportunity to develop skills in the growing field of logistics and supply chain management. Students will learn about the flow and movement that organizations utilize to produce and deliver their products and services. Logistics and supply chain touches all aspects of a company’s operations—from the movement of raw materials, energy, goods, money, [people, satellites, information and an array of operational tools. Our logistics’ and supply chain management degree will prepare you for a career in the growing field of Global Trade and Logistics/Supply Chain. Our program partners with PRO-GTL to enhance education and business partnerships for optimal job opportunities.

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Certificate of Achievement - International Business

18 units

After successful completion of the International Business Certificate program, the student demonstrates the skills, knowledge, and training for entry-level positions in multinational companies and incorporates the global business perspective into their current assignment. The student's knowledge and skills will include the ability to analyze global business opportunities as well as interact with others from different cultures. Individuals are able to prepare basic international commercial and shipping documents as well as to understand the issues that are involved in a global business operation. To gain a competitive edge in today's emerging marketplace, companies need professionals who know how to streamline diverse, supply-side activities on a global scale. If your aim is to extend your professional influence to the international market, the International Business Department certificate can help. Our program consists of, hybrid, online and on-ground classes to optimize your time and energy for a degree at Santa Monica College.

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Potential Career Options

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