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Please Note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the SMC campuses are closed for onsite activities until further notice. Special programs and student support services are offered ONLY online during winter 2021 and until further notice. Information in this section is subject to change — possibly many times during this uncertain period.

Detailed descriptions of the special programs and student support services offered at SMC can be found online.

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All fees are specific for Winter 2021. See for the most current information.


All fees are specific for Winter 2021. See for the most current information.

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Prepared by SMC’s Office of Marketing:

Donald Girard, Senior Director, Government Relations and Institutional Communication
Ming-Yea Wei, Marketing Design Analyst
Jonathan Ng, Senior Graphic Designer
Charles Mark-Walker, Graphic Designer
Vivian Chu, Graphic Designer
Paul Trautwein, Web Coordinator

Editorial: Stephanie Rick and Grace Smith

Photography: Jens Eser, Charles Mark-Walker, and Amy Williams

Front cover: El Matador Beach Transformative Sunset by Charles Mark-Walker

Inside Back Cover: Malibu Beach Waves and Rocks by Charles Mark-Walker

Santa Monica College Contributors: Dr. Kathryn E. Jeffery, Jason Beardsley, Brenda Benson, Rachel Demski, Sara Eazell, Kiersten Elliott, Fai Fong, Teresa Garcia, Dagmar Gorman, Jose Hernandez, Tracie Hunter, Maral Hyeler, Regina Ip, Marilyn Landau, Jennifer Merlic, Arnulfo Reyes, Teresita Rodriguez, Esau Tovar, and Irena Zugic.

Congratulations and best wishes to Graphic Designer Charles Mark-Walker on his retirement. For 20 years, Charles has provided graphic design and photography for Santa Monica College. We appreciate and value his creativity and commitment to SMC.