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Free Noncredit ESL Classes!

Fall Semester -Enroll Now

Santa Monica College continues to offer free Noncredit ESL classes. All Noncredit ESL classes are offered  online in Fall 2020.  Fall Semester begins August 31, 2020 and ends December 19, 2020.  You can enroll in your noncredit ESL classes any time during the semester.  For more information call (310) 434-3399 or email

​Winter Session Begins January 4, 2021 -Enroll Now

The six-week Winter session begins January 4, 2021 and ends February 13, 2021.   All noncredit ESL classes continue to be offered online only. For more information call (310) 434-3399 or email

Steps to Enroll in Noncredit ESL Classes

  1. Fill out the application: SMC Noncredit Application
  2. Complete the registration form and return it to
  3. The Noncredit Office will email you with your SMC S​​​tudent ID number (which you will need in order to completion Step #4 below)
  4. Attend the Intake/Orientation session
  5. Meet with the counselor by phone or Zoom to discuss your Student Education Plan.
  6. To book an appointment visit:
    • Select the time and day you want to make an appointment
    • Fill out your contact information and click confirm booking​
  7. After you consult with the counselor, the Noncredit Office will enroll you in your appropriate ESL class(es).

​​Location & Contact

SMC Bundy Campus*
Office of Continuing Education
3171 Bundy Drive, Room 112
Los Angeles, CA 90066

*Bundy Campus is closed due to COVID 19. All services continue to be offered remotely. 

This class helps you prepare for US citizenship Exam and interview. Students receive help with the N-400 application. Enroll at any time! 

  • Section #7037; MW; 6:00p.m.-8:00p.m. Mumba