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For Registration and Enrollment Questions

Call: 310-434-3399

Email: or 

Luis Jauregui:

Nataly Gonzalez:

If you need assistance accessing your SMC Canvas account, please contact:

Noncredit Office Hours: Monday - Thursday 8:30am - 4:30pm

Noncredit Counselors

Noncredit ESL Faculty Lead

Safety and Security

  • At Santa Monica College, the safety and well-being of our students, faculty, and staff are always the first priority.
  • Download SMC GO app– Complete Covid symptoms checklist before your visit.
  • If you need assistance, contact Campus Police at 310-434-4300

Bundy Campus Rules

  • No smoking
  • Food and drinks are permitted in the Food Court area, in each study area on each floor. outside the building. Only water in closed containers is permitted in the hallways and classrooms. No food or drinks are allowed in the Computer Lab at any time

Parking at Bundy Campus

  • Register your vehicle online for free parking.
  • Avoid getting a parking ticket! Head-in parking only.


  • Computer Lab: Room 116 ($.10 cents per copy) 
  • Free Shuttle to Main Campus: Pick-up is on the south side of Bundy for SMC students and staff.


Free ESL tutoring is available for enrolled students. Tutoring will help you with pronunciation, speaking, listening, reading, writing, and vocabulary.  Check the noncredit office for more information.

How to Get A Student Picture ID*

  1. Take your registration form and a current photo ID to the Bursar Office (Map #44)
  2. Pay $32.50 for the ID card and activity sticker.

*Contact the Noncredit Office for instructions on how to get a Student ID when the campus is closed. 

Title IX

SMC takes pride in providing a safe environment. Another type of safety is consent.

For more information, visit Title IX.