Getting Signatures



Getting Parent, Counselor, & Principal Signatures

  • To serve you better, the HSCE application can now be submitted online. You will need to log in with your SMC username (not your ID number) and password. Your user name is the first part of your SMC email address--everything before the "@" symbol (e.g., denoso_michael_aaron).
  • You will need your parent, high school counselor, and principal's full name and email addresses. These are required on the application.
  • Once you complete the HSCE application, your parent will be emailed right away to the email you provided to ask them to approve your application. Once your parent approves, an email will be sent to your counselor to approve, then to your principal, but only if you are enrolling in a summer class. They will be sent instructions by email on what to do. Once these individuals approve you, the application will be routed to SMC Admissions and Records for review.